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Alex is a student who is interested in learning more about the court system in British Columbia. He will be your guide on this website. You will learn about issues that are common to every court such as judicial independence and access to the courts. Also, you can watch videos where Alex talks to a judge from the Provincial Court, Supreme Court and Court of Appeal for BC. These videos will help you understand more about the role and function of that specific court. You can watch the whole video for each court or select the parts that you want to see first.


This website was created for people who want to learn about

  • The structure of the three Courts of British Columbia
  • The type of cases that are heard in the courts of British Columbia

You'll find general information about the court system by selecting Getting Started, Access to the Courts, Judicial Independence, Civil Law and Criminal Law.

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Developed by the Justice Education Society, with funding provided by The Law Foundation of BC, this site provides educational information about the Courts of British Columbia, Canada.